"Weather Telematics is the epitome of what a business partner should be. They are diligent, responsive, and innovative. We trust their professional judgment and rely on their expertise to help us design and integrate complex sensing systems with decision support and modeling systems that are saving lives and protecting property. Weather Telematics is all about making our world more safe, secure, and sustainable."

Discover what we can do for you. Our core competency is transforming data collected from sensors sited on travelling vehicles into meaningful and relevant information for our customers - something we call MOBILE INTELLIGENCE. By integrating sensing systems and installing them on appropriate mobile platforms we create a whole new type of observation and surveillance network capable of addressing some of society's most difficult challenges.


Weather Telematics Sponsors United Nations World Meteorological Summit in Geneva

Bob Moran speaks about Weather Telematics while attending the United Nations World Meteorological Summit in Geneva. Watch it htt... Read More

Weather Telematics Creates 40 Million Weather Points in its First Year

A 1,500-strong fleet of trucks equipped with weather sensors and telematics black boxes from Mobile Devices has now covered fifteen million miles and generated unparalleled weather data quality.... Read More

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